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Current Projects


NYCFC is an American soccer club based in New York City that competes in Major League Soccer, the highest level of American soccer. It is valued at $840 million and has served 30k youth across 60% percent of New York City’s Communities through programs. NYCFC has asked SBC to develop a comprehensive 3-year fundraising plan for increasing social impact of existing programs in the lead up to the opening of a new fully electric stadium in 2027, leveraging technology and AI.​

Project Manager: Trisha Saini
F150 Telecom Company
Stockholm, Sweden

This company specializes in networking and telecommunications, generating $24.8 billion of revenue. They are a F150 Europe multinational corporation that manages networks that process 40% of the world’s data. They are the inventors of the Bluetooth technology.​ SBC's role is to outline strategic improvements to their management process for the control of conflict minerals, to enable reduction of human rights violations and improve sustainability practices across their supply chain.​


TechSoup has reached 1.2 million organizations and delivered more than $15 billion in technology tools and services. They partner with 63 of the leading society organizations and have a global reach. SBC has been asked to assess the value of customer success in TechSoup’s new customer model. We will analyze key strategies for engaging paid members and converting freemium customers to the paid membership model.​

Project Manager: Shiv Goel

Women’s World Banking has expanded financial access to 32 million women so far and invested $102 million in 21 financial institutions across 14 countries. It has a global network of 71 financial providers that serve more than 178 million women. They have asked SBC to structure the fund offer, pitch, donor pipeline, project planning, and governance structure for WWB’s new Africa-fund that will launch in Nigeria, Kenya, and East Africa. The fund aims to reach 50 million women in Africa with financial services. ​​

Project Manager: Chloe Yun
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