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Current Projects


Los Angeles, California 

Reformation is at the forefront of sustainable fashion and is currently undergoing its Fair Labor Association accreditation. Reformation has contracted SBC to conduct research on Civil Society Organizations and analyze local labor issues in their manufacturing facilities in the United States and their seven international manufacturing countries. The culmination of this research is a civil society engagement strategy where we will advise Reformation on how to improve labor conditions and worker rights in the apparel industry. 

Syngenta Foundation
Basel, Switzerland

Syngenta Foundation For Sustainable Agriculture (SFSA) is a Switzerland-based non-profit organization focused on creating value for resource-poor small farmers in Asia and Africa through innovation in sustainable agriculture. SFSA is seeking SBC’s aid to support smallholder farmers in East Africa by providing scalable agricultural techniques to combat climate change and declining soil fertility in East Africa.

Highgate Hotels
New York, NY

Highgate Hotels is a New York-based property investment firm with over 525 hotels under management. Highgate is seeking SBC's help in implementing a standardized environmental management system (EMS) to track progress across certification and sustainability efforts. SBC will also create user manuals, call APIs, and consolidate multi-platform data activation to successfully support Highgate's EMS digital transformation. 

Project Manager: Andrea Viera
F500 Med-Tech Co.
United States

Our client is a US-based Fortune 500 company specializing in the medical technology space. SBC will assist them with conducting market research, weighing the feasibility of different marketing channels, and building a comprehensive marketing plan to raise awareness about a specific disease. 

Project Manager: Arya Ramkumar
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