Current Projects


nouri logo 2.jpg
Atlanta, Georgia

Nouri exists to advance the world's transition to proactive health by creating innovative gut and immune support products with the vision of becoming the most proactive health company of the 21st century. As a brand, they have continuously reinvented what it means to improve one's gut health in the most sustainable manner. SBC will support Nouri through overseeing sustainable packaging on their new product launch at the end of this year as well as creating a functional dashboard to measure the company's impact on improving individuals' gut health.

Project Manager: Julia Lu
Ithaca, New York
ai-learners logo.png

Students with learning disabilities are often marginalized and separated from the rest of their peers. Many school districts still prefer that these students mainly focus on vocational skills, which is extremely limiting and insulting to individuals with complex needs and their families. AI-Learners will show that kids with disabilities can learn when proper tools are made available.

Project Manager: Benjamin Yeo
Pacha Soap Co.
Hastings, Nebraska

Pacha Soap Co. is an All-Natural Beauty company focused on providing consumers with ethical and sustainable products that are packaged in recyclable materials. Pacha Soap Co. has revolutionized the Beauty space with its Zero Waste and Waterless products. Additionally, Pacha's Raise the Bar campaign supports ethical sourcing, clean water initiatives, hygiene education and access, and opportunities for small businesses. SBC will support Pacha Soap Co. by conducting a competitive market analysis and sourcing best practices.

Project Manager: Alice Sullivan
Lever Fund
Washington, D.C.
lever fund logo.jpg

The Lever Fund is a philanthropic fund based in Washington, DC that breaks the cycle of poverty in the Greater Washington Region for the nearly half a million people who struggle to make a living. Launched by a group of entrepreneurs, political veterans and nonprofit innovators, Lever Fund has a powerful mission to raise more poverty-fighting dollars and engage entrepreneurs and others who are new to philanthropy as we invest in a smarter, data-driven way in high-performing nonprofits that deliver results for the National Capital Region.

Project Manager: Anjan Mani