Current Projects



AnnieCannons is a 501(c)3 nonprofit that trains survivors of human trafficking and gender-based violence to become software engineers. They earn revenue by leveraging survivors’ newly developed skills to build custom software for paying clients. They are in need of a streamlined sales pipeline to sustainably source projects for graduates to work on as part of their training program.


BlocPower has been selected by the City of Ithaca to achieve full decarbonization of all buildings by 2030. Although BlocPower has had success in cities across the United States, the project economics and environmental factors vary widely depending on local factors. BlocPower needs a better understanding of the local market and a Go-To-Market strategy for the Ithaca area.


Dôen is working on a long-term impact strategy and has encountered several research gaps. Their current goals include finding ways to uphold human worth in all parts of the fashion supply chain as well as decreasing the environmental impact of their material inputs.

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Equal Exchange’s Americas produce division, Oke USA is currently concentrated in the Northeast at small to medium sized retailers familiar with organics and fair trade. Equal Exchange is interested in diversifying their geographical hold in both traditional and niche distributors. Equal Exchange has retained SBC to conduct market research, develop an expansion plan and facilitate a new market venture into the Midwest, West coast, and more.


YNAP’s newly launched INFINITY program wants to transform the way fashion is made, sold and used. Infinity poses the question: How can the group’s brands become 100% circular by 2030?


Apart from implementing secondhand sales, takeback schemes, rentals, make to order, and end of life collection of items, what innovative circular business model can be designed and implemented?