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Our Services

Client Approach

SBC prides itself on the high quality of work we provide for all our clients. We have worked with a diverse range of clients and our projects vary in scope and direction. The following Key Capabilities serve as the guiding principles for all of the work we do and embody what our organization emphasizes. 


Targeted Sales & Marketing

As consumer tastes change rapidly, SBC has worked with countless Fortune 500 companies to develop a tailored marketing approach to target key demographics.


Strategic Transformation & Growth

Across a wide range of industries, SBC has helped clients achieve their strategic goals, both short and long-term, by evaluating market trends and identifying opportunities for potential areas of growth.


Data Analytics & Modeling

SBC is able to synthesize quantitative analysis and qualitative research to produce the best strategic recommendations that help clients to take advantage of the latest innovations and digital trends. 


Market Entry & Expansion

SBC has assisted numerous clients in investigating markets of interest utilizing expert advise, credited resources, and advanced reserach techniques tailored towards the client’s needs. 


Product Assessment & Innovation

SBC has played a critical role for clients in collecting information on consumer preferences while synthesizing consumer feedback when designing new products or re-assessing older ones. By leveraging our resources, SBC is able to provide holistic advice on a client’s current product line.  


Directed Research & Synthesis

SBC continues to meet the research needs of clients whether it be inquiring about a particular market segment or niche research area. SBC utilizes a diverse array of skill sets and knowledge bases to provide the most unique perspective as Cornell students with unmatched access to expert Professors and alumni. 


Process Improvement & Implementation

SBC has supported numerous clients in their attempt to optimize and streamline internal structures and workflows. Our experience ranges from developing comprehensive inventory transition plans to looking at better hiring practices. 

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