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Social Business Consulting

Cornell University's premier pro-bono consulting organization since 2007

About Us

Social Business Consulting (SBC) is a student-run nonprofit organization headquartered at Cornell University that provides pro-bono consulting services to enterprises worldwide, including Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, state & national governments, and startups.

 Our members learn valuable strategy consulting skills while making a tangible impact on the world through meaningful projects that focus on social and environmental causes.

Our Pillars 

Professional Development


Each SBC member completes New Member Education (NME) in their first semester, where members develop hard and soft skills necessary in a professional environment. New members are also immediately staffed on a consulting project, enabling them to gain real-world experience working for our incredible clients. Members gain access to our extensive alumni network and connect with a diverse range of professionals that are making a positive impact in a variety of spheres. 

Social Impact


Our consultants are driven members of the Cornell community dedicated to making an impact through each project we undertake. Working with a wide range of clients, SBC emphasizes our “proximity to impact” with every client we work with to ensure that the work we do aligns with our core values. Our organization shares a passion for social change and the desire to create a more just and equitable society. Our consulting services help clients make tangible strides towards making a positive impact.

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