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Who we are.

Social Business Consulting (SBC) is a student-run nonprofit organization headquartered at Cornell University that provides pro-bono consulting services to enterprises around the world, including Fortune 500 companies, NGOs, state & national governments, and startups. We connect our consultants with meaningful projects to enhance the impact of social and environmental causes. Our members learn valuable strategy consulting skills while, at the same time, making a tangible impact on the world. Our services are highly versatile and multifunctional and vary tremendously depending on the needs of the clients and our talent at hand.

Social Impact

Social Business Consulting provides pro-bono consulting services to social enterprises, start-ups, non-profit organizations, and NGOs around the world. Our consultants are driven members of the Cornell community ready to make an impact through the semester-long client engagement. Our projects are selected based on a variety of aspects including the client's scale of impact. At SBC, we also emphasize the "proximity to impact" to make sure our consultants are gaining valuable experiences in the process. 

Global Outreach

Social Business Consulting works with a diverse group of companies and organizations globally. On average, half of our projects focus on helping US-based companies and organizations. While another half focuses on delivering services to organizations making an impact internationally in Asia, Africa, Central America, and Oceania. Since 2007, we have worked with clients from over 18 countries. Please visit our Past Projects page for more information.

Professional Development

Upon joining Social Business Consulting, members will develop the necessary skills to thrive in a professional environment. New members will go through a semester-long New Member Education (NME) process. Comprehensive training will be provided by senior consultants in the organization covering a wide range of topics. They include hard skills such as data analytics, financial modeling, and training on other software packages. More importantly, members will sharpen their public speaking and creative thinking ability. We pride ourselves on having a tight-knit alumni community. Members can tap into a great network of motivated professionals that are making an impact in diverse ways. Visit our Placement page for more information.

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